Saturday, August 21, 2010

Notes from a distracted mind
August 22, 2010

At least its not a gray daze. Just a blue funk. Having moved from one fine team to organize another, I think I've done better to organize myself and reestablish some rhythms to writing. But it's been really hard to let go of a few strands of troublemaking  - some call it campaigning -- which has largely encroached on the writing space.

Not that things have been bad. I've actually enjoyed returning to the high octane world of campaigns, hatching plans, bringing big stuff on the screen and into the big picture, getting results that I think will endure. Poking the eyes of bumbling idiots. Having a great time as well catching up with long-time friends, such as Randy and Roel, my two buddies back from my table tennis varsity team days at the Polytechnic Univeristy of the Philippines. In this pic, we're with our coach, former national player Edwin Asis (behind me in white; Roel's in front of me and Randy's behind Coach Asis), who moved to Canada the other month.

Taking out the writing pot from the heating plate of course means less brews. But there are also some benefits. Materials gathered, notes made for longer and more pieces, a lot of drafts that, though unfinished, are on the table waiting for the distracted mind.

I am also happy to work with a good friend, Romil, to design a website dedicated to the things I do as I shift to other gears and use and mix all sorts of basic colors.

New stuff is on the web. I've decided to now post as well not just pieces I've finished but also facets of the work I do, when I'm not writing or painting, or when I'm not contemplating new adventures. I have no idea and can't remember why I tried to separate the mutant's life with terrestrial flight, but this time I'll try to put things together.

On the main page you'll see a spread of six or seven things that reflect the funnies since June I think. It shows the interesting character of the institute I'm part of today. We work on solutions and policy, on internationally significant initiatives and locally relevant things. And it's been great.

I've moved from one international organization to another, thinking my travels would be lesser. It did not go down, but still the work has been fascinating. Taking the eJeepneys project, which is a small part of the Climate-Friendly Cities initiative that my kumare, Ateng Ballesteros, began some years ago, continues to be a source of joy and meaning. There's nothing like working on solutions on the ground, which really helps balance and provide greater meaning to the advocacy side of iCSC's policy work. You also get to work with great people, like the photo above with some of the country's best poets, such as Rayvi Sunico, and the pic below where poets Vim Nadera and Mike Coroza are goofing around with a cardboard rendition of the Berso sa Metro eJeepney, courtesy of good friends from Instituto Cervantes and their literacy campaign.

There should be more updates, therefore, on this The Other Things page that I've set up. But it should be a temporary placement. Hopefully, a more permanent site where visitors don't have to shift to too many pages will be built soon. Let's see what happens.

In the meantime, have a great beer and thanks again for dropping by.


Photos: I reall can't remember now who took which photo, save for the last one with Coroza et al in a funny pose, which I took.



Padma said...

Feels good to visit the Kamuning Republic and its various wings and rooms after a long absence. Salamat Red, for the things I resonate with: reestablishing "rhythms to writing" and putting together the mutant's life with terrestrial flight. There is no need to fraction what already exists and lives through one person nga naman.

The No Show said...

Ano mang pagbabago, nananatili akong taga-subaybay ng Republika ng Kamuning! :)

P.S. Hello Kuya Red! Nawa'y magtagpo muli ang ating mga tinatahak na landas!